Roll up! Marvelous compression stocking makers wanted!

Hello All, I have decided to conduct a little market research, some very kind ladies and gents have pointed out that there is more to the world of compression hosiery than the NHS had ever revealed to me. I intend to do honest and robust research into compression stockings and their qualities and aesthetics. I would love to hear from any manufacturers who would like to be involved. All research will be completely transparent and products will receive a fair test. Also any ladies and gents who have some excellent insights into their stockings, are welcome to comment and we can get some great recommendations going. Compression stockings are a necessity for some of us and I know some people rave over how great there stockings are, lets see if between us we can give the blood disorder community the perfectly hosier-ed pins they deserve.  If anyone has any recommendations for tests they would like to see carried out then please let me know, I have drawn up a long list of qualities but may well have overlooked something important.

Best Wishes



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