No more prothestic limb lookalikes

One of my previous work colleagues asked me “Are you wearing prosthetic limbs?”  This was when I realized that I needed to do something about the quality of my compression hosiery. It was also when I realized the horror I had been sporting till now.  The current stockings I sport are Activa “Sand” calf length open toe. These seem to be the NHS prescription default of choice of the no doubt male, colour-blind. head of stocking procurement. I did strike gold one day when they accidentally gave me a random colour which I believe now only exists in my memory. When a well known social networking site the other day, two very kind ladies saw my plight and gave me alternatives to my current situation. They offered up not only one website but two, one American one English both are delightful.

Sadly they will most likely never be available on the NHS (and to be fair they shouldn’t really be), They should be promoted to ladies (and gents, shock horror! There are actually long overdue MENS COMPRESSION STOCKINGS!) When you are told of your impending doom at having to wear these awful, uncomfortable, dowdy, hot, itchy, dreadfully coloured miserable hosiery. Someone should offer you an alternative. when I was 23 and had my first “spontaneous DVT” and was told I would have to wear them, I would have killed for someone to add…. “but dont worry there are some awesome ones here”.  So here is my public service for today,

Spread the word people, we too can have gloriously hosier-ed pins!


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