My name is Becky and I have a clotting problem (Factor 5 Leiden) it’s a crappy disorder but there are some really nasty ones out there. I am looking on the bright side (it could be worse). You could possibly have landed here for many reasons. If your unlucky enough to have a clotting disorder and are looking for some help, this site could well be for you.I am not a Doctor. I have written it because I have had a lot of experience with clots in my own body.

Information can be really tough to get hold of. I will always try and post info I think can be of help and really welcome input from readers. As with all conditions, please do not rely on the internet to treat you, there are amazing and talented doctors all over the world who are aching to treat you, please make sure you see a doctor when you need one.



2 thoughts on “Introduction

    • Hi Eileen
      Thanks for your response, there are so many different types of clotting disorders out there I confess I am researching all the time and amazed how many people have them. From what I know Protein C deficiency is a rare genetic disorder? I think the outcomes (clots) for both of us are probably very similar but I bet you must have some blank faces from healthcare professionals when you tell them? Factor V Leiden is actually quite common (1 in 4 people of Celtic origin have the dodgy gene, luckily a lot don’t have any problems with it) Even I get the blank stare when they ask me why I am on warfarin for life and I reply I have Factor 5! You can see the panic in their eyes that they have no idea what I am talking about. The body is amazing and a bit rubbish at the same time in my honest opinion. If you have a few minutes I have posted a questionnaire online about treatment for clotting disorders, I am hoping to compare the standards and types of care us clotters get. Plus I am hoping to evolve this blog into a really useful site for support and advice for people. Thank You for your time, if you ever want to share any stories or experience you would be very welcome.
      Best Wishes


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